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The All-Natural Wool Mattress
From Shepherd's Dream


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We highly recommend Shepherd's Dream all-natural wool mattresses and bedding, for lots of reasons.  First of all, Shepherd's Dream is a small cottage industry, and they follow a great model of sustainable business practices that we are happy to promote.  If more businesses were like them, this world would be a better place.  Eliana Jantz of Shepherd's Dream started the "Pure Grow Wool Program" with Sonoma County Woolgrowers in 1993, and was instrumental in developing a set of criteria of sustainable and responsible wool production practices.

Shepherd's Dream uses an exceptionally high quality wool batting in their wool bed system, including the wool mattresses.  They use wool that is purchased directly from northwest woolgrowers, and they take great precautions to ensure that all their bedding is as safe and chemical-free as possible.  All their wool batting is grown and processed with great care so as to avoid harmful chemicals.  They don't currently use organic wool because it is very limited in supply and is actually unable to compete with their very high-quality, locally produced wool.

The Benefits of Wool for Your Bed

Although the all-wool bed may not be for everyone, we think that wool offers a lot of things that other bed materials, even if they are organic, do not.  These include:

Wool harmonizes with your body's own temperature and humidity changes, and as such can keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  It can also keep you from waking up at night due to being too hot or too cold.

  • Wool provides a springy and resilient cushioning surface, compared to other natural fibers.  Cotton, for example, compresses much more with time, making a hard surface.
  • Any metal in the bed can disrupt your electro-magnetic field, and cause sleeping disturbances.  The all wool mattress, on the other hand, tends to nurture your body and help you to sleep better.
  • Wool is naturally flame resistant, so you won't need any toxic chemicals in your mattress to resist fire.
  • Wool mattresses and wool bedding also resist dust mites and mildew naturally, unlike cotton and down, as well as latex, foam and other synthetic materials.
  • Sleeping on a wool mattress has been shown to reduce heart rates

In addition, the all wool bed makes a naturally firm mattress, which many will agree is the healthiest sleeping surface around.  This type of mattress tends to encourage the body to assume a correct posture and alignment while sleeping, reducing back and other problems.

Sleeping on a wool mattress also seems to help relieve muscle spasms, bed sores, arthritic symptoms, muscle and joint aches and pains and insomnia.  In addition, there is also some indication that sleeping on a wool mattress can help with asthma and allergies.   Wool can be a positive influence in your sleeping environment and as such can help you support your health and healing.

Allergies to Wool Are Usually A Reaction to the Chemicals Used In the Processing, NOT to the Wool!

Very few people are actually allergic to wool, but most wool is bleached and treated with chemicals, and people do react to that.  The wool used at Shepherd's Dream is washed in a very mild soap and no chemicals are used in processing.  On occasion, their new wool bedding has a mild, natural, lanolin scent.  This scent will diminish quickly over time—especially if you air it out in the sun.  If you are very sensitive and are not sure if the wool smell will bother you, you should perhaps order the sample mattress or try out a wool pillow.

The Slatted All Wood Bed Frame

Once again, in order to not disrupt your body's own electro magnetic fields, you should not have any metal in your bed, and this includes the frame.  You also need to make sure you don't have particle board or plywood, as these often contain formaldehyde and other chemicals that will end up in your sleeping environment.  We recommend an all wood frame with wood slats to allow maximum air flow and allow your mattress to dry and not mildew.  Make sure that the wood is finished with a non-toxic finish for the best sleeping environment.

All Natural and Chemical Free Bedding

Most cotton sheets, unless flannel or organic, are treated with formaldehyde so as to reduce wrinkling.  This is a big problem especially since the sheets and pillowcase are right next to your head where you breathe in the formaldehyde all night long.  These formaldehyde treatments are designed to stay impregnated in the sheet and resist coming out even with numerous washings.

Some sheets are made from synthetic materials, which also off gas chemicals that you will breathe while sleeping.  In addition, they do not allow your skin to breathe, which is important.

Recommended Wool Mattress & Bedding System

The mattress and bedding we are recommending for a totally non-toxic, non-electro-magnetic field disrupting, good night's sleep includes:

All-wool mattress that can last a lifetime

  • Wool mattress topper if you need a softer surface
  • Wool mattress protector, if you think you might need it
  • 100% organic cotton sheets and pillowcases
  • Wool comforter with organic cotton duvet cover
  • Wool pillows and neck rolls
  • All wood frame with slats for good air flow

Latex Slat for Your Wool Bed

Shepherd's Dream does sell latex slats that can be glued to your wood slats that go underneath the natural wool mattress if you need more give or bounce.  We think it's better if you can get by without it to forego the latex altogether, since even "natural" latex uses some chemicals in the processing that are left in the rubber.  If you are not chemically sensitive and find that you do need more give for your mattress, we suggest that you find your latex elsewhere, as right now, Shepherd's Dream's latex does have some synthetic rubber in it.  We think if you are going to all this trouble to get a natural bed, it's better not to compromise on the latex.   On the other hand, since the latex slats will be at the bottom of your bed underneath the mattress, it is less important than if it was a key part of your mattress.  

Expense of a Natural Wool Bed

We realize that all this can get a bit expensive, however, please think about your health and how you spend 1/3 of your life in your bed.  Also, if you think about how you replace most conventional mattresses every 10 years or so, this wool mattress will actually save you money over time.  And if it helps you sleep better and helps you live a longer, healthier life, it is priceless!

Many people who can't afford to buy the whole bed system including the mattress start by adding, in order of importance:  wool pillows and 100% organic cotton pillowcases, organic sheets, a wool comforter with an organic duvet cover, and a wool mattress topper that will put a barrier between you and your chemical-laden bed.  Then when you can afford it, get the pure wool mattress and wood slat foundation.  Many people start to sleep better and feel better just by buying a wool" surround" that places them in between a wool mattress pad and wool comforter with organic cotton bedding.  This keeps you more comfortable since it breathes well and keeps your temperature more even, and puts your lungs farther away from the chemicals in your mattress and/or box springs.

For More Info or To Order

For more info, please go to Shepherd's Dream's website, or call them toll-free:

US:  1-800-966-5540
Canada:  866-552-0167

You might get their answering machine but they will call you back.  If you order, please tell them that you heard about them from Healthy Vitamins Rx and give them this code:  C243.  We get credit for our referral, and we are also a small family owned business and sure appreciate your help!  Our goal is to build up enough credit to be able to give away beds to those who really need them, but can't afford them.

Tell Shepherd's Dream you heard about them
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