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Whey Protein Side Effects
From the Toxic Ingredients That Are Widespread in
Whey Protein Powder?

Whey Protein Side Effects May Come From Heavy Metals, Hormones, Pesticides, Denatured Whey, Artificial Ingredients and More

Arsenic, Lead and Cadmium Contamination

Artificial Ingredients & Preservatives

Whey Protein Powder with Hormones, Pesticides and GMOs

Problems with Soy in Whey

Denatured / Damaged Proteins in Whey Protein Powder

Whey and Dairy Allergies


Whey Protein Powder Toxicity
& Whey Protein Side Effects

Many people think they are experiencing whey protein side effects, when in fact the adverse effects come rather from consuming an inferior whey protein product that contains toxins.

You need to be careful if you decide to supplement with a whey protein powder, because many of them are contaminated with various toxins:  heavy metals, hormones, pesticides, GMO’s, damaged proteins, artificial ingredients and preservatives, and soy.  Also, for some people, whey may be allergenic, and those people are recommended to stay away from whey, or they may experience whey protein side effects like bloating, gas and indigestion. 

Whey Protein Side Effects:  Or Heavy Metal Contamination?
Whey May Contain Arsenic, Lead & Cadmium!

A big concern with whey protein powder supplements on the shelf today is contamination.  Consumer Reports says that many whey powders are contaminated with Arsenic, Lead & Cadmium! So you want to make sure that yours has been tested to be low these contaminants, as well as in  radiation by-products.

Whey Protein Powder With Hormones, Pesticides & GMOs

Most whey protein powder today is from cows who are given the growth hormone rBGH which has been implicated in various serious diseases, including cancer.  It is also usually from cows who have been eating products laced with pesticides, which can build up in the cow’s milk and hence end up in the whey.  Last, but not least, GMOs are widespread in our food supply today, but that does not make them safe.  When you consume a “nutritional” supplement like whey to boost your health, we highly recommend that you make sure that it is free of GMOs, artificial hormones and pesticides.  This will help you to avoid what many think are simply whey protein side effects, but are probably more likely side effects from the toxins.

Denatured or Damaged Proteins In Whey Protein Powder

Many whey protein powder supplements on the market today contain denatured or damaged proteins.  In fact, I would venture to say that perhaps even the majority of them.  This means that the glutathione-building compounds are being destroyed or greatly reduced, and helping your body to boost glutathione is probably one of the key benefits to using whey.  To avoid many whey protein side effects, look for an undenatured whey protein that uses a cold process and no heat or chemicals in the processing!

Whey Protein Side Effects from Artifical Ingredients & Preservatives

Most powdered whey supplements also contain artificial ingredients like flavoring , coloring and preservatives, as well as artificial sweeteners.  Some of these products can have serious health risks, especially if you consume them on a daily basis, and we think they have no place in a truly healthy nutritional supplements.  In addition, many of these artificial ingredients cause problems that many think are whey protein side effects, but are most likely side effects from these additional ingredients instead.  So look for a whey protein powder that is all-natural - no artificial ingredients or preservatives!

Soy in Your Whey Protein Powder Supplement?

Soy is often added to poor quality whey protein powder supplements, and if your contains soy, you might think you are experiencing whey protein side effects, when in fact you are reacting to the soy.  A lot of people still think that soy in large quantities is good for you, but please check out this page if you do:  Weston Price on Soy.  Amongst other problems, consumption of large quantities of soy seems to depress thyroid function and hence slow down metabolism.  That means more problems with weight issues, fatigue and more, and most Americans today do not need that!  In addition, most soy is GMO and we suggest avoiding it for this very reason as well. 

Whey and Dairy Allergies or Sensitivities

Many people today have dairy allergies or sensitivities, and if you do, you may have trouble with a whey protein powder, even a high quality one.  You might be one of the few who is actually experiencing whey protein side effects, but often, people react more to the casein protein, rather than the whey protein, so it may still be worth a try to get a high quality whey product without any of the toxins in it that we have discussed above. 

Most whey protein also contains some lactose, so if that is a problem for you, you may not be able to use this supplement.  If you are able to supplement with enzymes to correct this problem when you consume other dairy products, you might be able to try to see if you can tolerate a high quality whey protein powder in small quantities.

Best Whey Protein:  Check our Resources page for high quality whey protein powder supplements that we recommend.

NOTE:  If you are under the care of a physician or other health care practitioner, make sure and discuss your supplementation with whey protein powder or any other nutritional supplement with him or her.  Even good supplements can interact with medications or cause other problems, often depending on the dosage.

Whey Protein Side Effects

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