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Los Angeles Times Article on the Health Page, July 18, 2005 states:  Lycium (Goji) May Repress Some Cancer Cells"

Lycium barbarum berries are also known as wolfberry and goji berries, and grow in China and Tibet.  According to this article, there are many Chinese and Tibetan legends of long-lived people who retained much of the beauty and strength of their youth, even into the 2nd century of their lives, due to consumption of the Goji Berry.

They noted how the Goji Berry is high in vitamin C, B vitamins, beta carotene and also essential minerals. 

Research on Goji Berries

The article also said that lycium (Goji) as been shown to have anti-cancer and antioxidant properties in many, many research tests, both in the lab and with animals.  In vitro, they said the Goji Berry "inhibited the growth of leukemia and liver and skin cancer cells."  They said there was even a clinical trial that showed that lyceum may help in the treatment of some types of cancers, but that more research, especially with people, needed to be done.

Traditional Chinese Recommendations for Goji as a Nutritional Supplement

They noted that in China, Goji berry was often recommended for boosting immunity and fighting disease, improving liver and kidney function, helping with vision and fertility, and to increase life span.  It is also used in China during pregnancy to help prevent morning sickness.

Goji Juice has not been available long here in the United States as a nutritional supplement, but it seems sure that with it's storehouse of powerful vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients, it is destined to be used more and more.

One thing this article did not discuss is how important it is that you find a source of Goji that is pure, unadulterated juice, with no additives – just pure Goji!  The best source we know of for that is the Goji 100 nutritionalj supplement by Genesis Today, available online at www.EcoViva.com.

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Goji Juice:  A Powerful Nutritional Supplement

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