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Synthetic Fat Soluble Vitamins A, D & E
Are Especially Dangerous to Your Health


As we have been saying on this websit

Dangerous Vitamins?  Is that because they are usually synthetic?

Traditional Diets High in Vitamins A & D

e, most vitamins and nutritional supplements sold in the marketplace today are not natural, but synthetic.  Although we believe that all synthetic forms of vitamins are bad for your health over the long term, it does seem that synthetic forms of the fat soluble vitamins such as A, D and E are especially dangerous.  We recommend that you avoid synthetic fat soluble vitamins in any and all nutritional supplements that you take.  (Note:  Synthetic Vitamin D2 is often added to milk and milk products).

Media Not Distinguishing Between Synthetic & Natural Vitamins

There have been more articles in the media lately regarding the dangers of vitamin supplements.  This seems to stem in large part from studies that showed adverse affects of consuming high amounts of synthetic vitamins, especially the fat soluble ones.  It is unfortunate that the media and even the medical establishment are not for the large part distinguishing between synthetic and natural forms of these vitamins. 

It has actually been decades ago that researchers discovered the numerous benefits of vitamins A, D & E, and they used to recommend the consumption of rather high amounts, not in the form of manufactured, synthetic, nutritional supplements, but in natural forms like cod liver oil, butter and liver.  In the natural form, people experienced many benefits from these vitamins.

Traditional Diets Very High in Vitamins A & D

Traditional diets of healthy peoples were very high compared to today’s standards in fat soluble vitamins, especially A & D.  However, these populations were extremely healthy - no cancer, no heart disease, no arthritis, etc.  They especially recommended high amounts of the fat soluble vitamins to their women of child bearing age and to those who were pregnant or nursing, with no adverse health effects. 

In fact, when they saw the adverse healthy effects was when they did NOT consume enough of these vitamins!  They found that the high levels of A & D found in butterfat, liver, shellfish and cod liver oil gave their children strong teeth and bones and good health all around.

In fact, traditional native peoples that Weston Price studied had more than ten times the amount of vitamins A & D than we have in our diets today.  10 Times!  So we say once again to emphasize natural sources in all your vitamins, whether in whole foods or nutritional supplements, especially with the fat soluble vitamins A, D and E.

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