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Whey Protein Powder
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Whey Protein Powder for Weight Loss

A healthy weight loss program can include th

Top Quality Whey Protein Powder Can Suppress Your Appetite

Whey Can Boost Your Metabolism & Weight Loss

Whey is Low Glycemic and High in Calcium

Undenatured Whey Works Better

Weight Problems and Nutrient Deficiencies

e consumption of a quality protein drink, as they can provide a low-carb, low-sugar source of protein, and protein has been shown to help boost metabolism, and hence weight loss. Many of these drinks, however, use cheap sources of protein, like soy, or denatured whey, which can compromise your health and lower your chances for weight loss.

A high quality whey protein powder, on the other hand, can be beneficial, as it can provide satiety (a full feeling).  In addition, consuming protein often keeps people from getting hungry for a while, so you may eat less because of this as well.  In addition, some whey  supplements are low in carbohydrates which can facilitate weight loss.

What else can a good whey protein supplement do to help you lose weight?  It can suppress appetite, boost metabolism and lean muscle, preserve muscle, and its low glycemic properties and the calcium that it contains can also help:

A Good Whey Protein Powder Can Supress Your Appetite

Whey that is not denatured, like Action Whey™, is rich in Glycomacropeptide (GMP), an amino acid that has been shown to stimulate intestinal hormones that tell your brain you are full.  In addition, it may help you to naturally help curb cravings for refined carbs and sweets.  But you must consume Undenatured Whey.

Some Whey Can Boost Your Metabolism and Both Boost and Preserve Lean Muscle

The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn for fuel.  Because of whey’s ability to help boost muscle building and also preserve muscle mass, especially during exercise and weight loss, many find that whey helps their metabolism increase, making it easier to lose weight.  This can help you to decrease body fat safely and naturally with no dangerous stimulants.  However, not all whey supplements are equal.  Most of them contain denatured whey, where the amino acids like Cysteine and Glutamine that you need to boost your muscle mass are damaged, meaning they are much less useful.  So you need to choose your whey protein powder carefully.

Whey is Low Glycemic and High in Calcium

Foods like some whey protein that are low glycemic can minimize insulin secretion and help to maintain insulin sensitivity.  Studies have also shown that lowering the glycemic index and load of the first meal will result in decreased food consumption in the next meal.  And there is now much evidence that suggests that calcium is very important in energy metabolism, and can reduce body weight and fat.  So you might want to try having some whey protein in the morning with your breakfast.

However, many of these whey protein powder supplements today contain plenty of carbohydrates (too many carbs!) in the way of added sugars and sweeteners, as well as artificial sweeteners, colors and flavorings.  This is counterproductive, and we highly recommend that you find a whey protein powder that is low calorie with minimal added sweeteners and no artificial ingredients.  Those who regularly consume artifical sweeteners have been shown to actually weigh more than those who do not.  We also suggest looking for a whey supplement that is less than 100 calories per serving and contains less than 5 grams of sugar per serving. 

Undenatured Whey

If you want to get all the benefits of the whey protein powder that you choose to consume, including the weight loss benefits, you must find one that contains undenatured whey.  Most of these supplements are made with whey that is heated to high levels, which denatures and damages the fragile proteins.  So you must choose your whey protein powder very carefully. 

Best Whey Protein Powder

Weight Problems and Nutritional Deficiency

In addition to whey protein powder, make sure you are getting enough minerals in your diet as well as vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.  Sometimes overeating is an indication that your body is lacking in certain nutrients, and people who have nutritional deficiencies tend to keep eating in an attempt to get more of the nutrients that are missing.

Common nutritional deficiencies in today’s world that may affect weight loss issues include:

  • Minerals, especially trace minerals like chromium and vanadium
  • B and C Vitamin Complexes
  • Vitamin D
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Eating better, which often means eating organic whole foods direct from the farm if possible, can help to supply your body with the micro as well as macro nutrients it needs.

Grass-fed beef and dairy, if the cows are exclusively grass-fed, are high in conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which has been shown to help people lose weight.  This may be because CLA encourages the building of muscle which can burn more calories.  This may be one of the major ways that whey protein powder also helps to boost weight loss - by increasing muscle mass.  For more CLA (a lot more!), make sure and use a whey that comes from pasture fed dairy cows.

Taking a vitamin and/or mineral supplement in conjunction with whey protein may just boost your weight loss!  One organic natural plant-based mineral supplement we highly recommend is a minerals from the sea:  Emerald Sea™.

For more on weight loss tips and healthy eating, visit our sister website:  Healthy Eating Rx.

Whey Protein Weight Loss
Can Whey Protein Really Help You Lose Weight?

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