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Widespread Cheating
in Vitamin and Supplement Industry

Even if your vitamins and nutritional supplements

Vitamins:  Not All Ingredients Listed on Labels

Contaminated Ingredients Common in Vitamins

Vitamins & Supplements:  Lack of Testing

do not list any of the toxic ingredients we mentioned, they may still be present.  Even the FDA reports widespread cheating in the nutritional supplements industry.  Consumer Labs, an independent testing facility, has found when they did their testing that some vitamins and other nutritional supplements do not contain the proper ingredients or are contaminated with excessive lead. 

They also found nutritional supplements made with the wrong species of plants or the wrong part of the plant.  This can of course lower the effectiveness of the supplement.  They even found vitamins and nutritional supplements that contained less than 5% of the amount of nutrients claimed on the label!   Even the US Department of Agriculture reported in a May, 1999 study, that “a number of nutritional preparations claiming to contain certain doses of product have significantly less, or none, of the dosages described.”

Consumer Beware - Not All Ingredients Are Listed on Labels of Nutritional Supplements, Such As Vitamins & Herbal Products

With regard to toxic manufacturing excipients, many nutritional supplements manufacturers simply skirt the issue by not listing them on their label.  In this way, they avoid alarming consumers about their use of these toxins.  If you don’t see it on the label and you are concerned, ask your vitamin or nutritional supplement manufacturer to provide you with a written statement that guarantees their products are free of stearates, palmitates, stearic acid, FD&C food colors, “natural flavors”, polyethylene glycol, acetate, titanium dioxide, sucrose and other toxic excipients and potentially harmful manufacturing additives. 

Wrong Herbal Species and Old, Irradiated or Contaminated Ingredients Common in Vitamins and Supplements

It is also common today to find the wrong herbal species and ingredients that are out of date, fumigated, irradiated or contaminated with pesticide residues.  So, even if the vitamins and nutritional supplements you are taking are free of toxic fillers, you might want to find out if it they are also free of heavy metals & pesticide residues, as well as if they contain the potency and ingredients promised by the supplier.   This is especially important if you are taking vitamins or nutritional supplements over the long term.

Supplement Industry Lack of Testing
Vitamins:  Poor Nutrient Sources = Poor Vitamins
Synthetic Vitamins vs. Natural, Food-Based Vitamins or Superfoods

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