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Healthy Vitamin Criteria:  What Should  You Look for in your Vitamins?

roduce vitamins and nutritional supplements do not have to prove the safety or effectiveness of their products before selling them in the marketplace!  Most vitamin manufacturers do not test the raw materials used to make their vitamins and nutritional supplements.  They accept what is called a “Certificate of Analysis” (C of A) from the suppliers.  But the C of A usually tests only for harmful bacteria, not toxic contaminants like pesticides or harmful radiation by-products.  So unless a company performs their own testing, you don’t know if the ingredients they use for their nutritional supplements like vitamins are really pure and free of contaminants.

For Top Quality Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements, Each Batch of Ingredients for Must Be Tested

If you want vitamins and nutritional supplements that are free of pesticides and have not been irradiated or fumigated, you must test every incoming batch today, as pesticides, irradiation, and fumigation are all widespread.  If the company goes outside the United States to source ingredients, you need to know that up to 70% of raw materials coming into the United States today for vitamins and nutritional supplements are irradiated, creating toxic radiation byproducts.

Organic ingredients usually have higher nutrient levels and lower pesticide levels, but you can grow crops organically and still not have top-notch soil.  Plants can create vitamins, but the minerals will only be there if they are in the soil or added in the way of a foliar feed.

If you are concerned about your vitamins, ask your supplement manufacturer if they test every batch of raw ingredients they use and what kinds of tests they use.

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