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Vitamin B12
B Complex Vitamin

Vitamin B12, like all the B vitamins, plays many key roles in the body.  It is required for energy production and red blood cell formation, as well as for proper nervous system development and maintenance.  B12 has been shown to improve memory and promote a healthy heart , as well as to prevent infertility in men.  It also works as a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic, and is involved in immune function.

New research shows success with B12 and managing cancer, especially in blocking development of tumors.  It also helps to relieve fatigue, depression and poor concentration.  It is associated with lower levels of homocysteine in the blood, which has been shown to be good for lowering the risk of heart disease and perhaps also that of Alzheimer's.

B12 is also important in the production of myelin, the covering that insulates nerve fibers and keeps electrical impulses moving in your body. 

Extra Vitamin B12 Requirements

Research shows that the elderly are often low in B12, either because of not getting enough in the diet or poor absorption.  Long-term use of various drugs, including cholesterol-lowering drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs and oral contraceptives also seems to deplete body of Vitamin B12.  This vitamin is largely supplied in animal foods, so vegetarians, especially vegans, often become deficient, although it does take a long time to deplete the B12 stores in the body.

Deficiency Symptoms of B12

Deficiency of B12 can result in pernicious anemia and various problems with your nervous system, such as memory loss, confusion, loss of balance, and more.    Pernicious anemia is characterized by low energy levels.  Some other symptoms include heart palpitations, tinnitius, dizziness and dementia.  It has also been linked to multiple sclerosis-type symptoms.

Food Sources of Vitamin B12

The best food sources of Vitamin B12 are all animal sources, which is why vegans need to supplement.  Some of the best sources include seafood like cooked oysters, king crab, herring, salmon, and clams.  It's also found in cheese, poultry, yogurt, eggs, organ meats and nutritional yeast.

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