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Attention Deficit Disorder * Autism * Learning Disabilities
How Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements May Help

Things like hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder were very rare before the 1950's.  Now they are extremely common.

Common Symptoms of ADD

Hyperactivity seems to be at one end of the spectrum, with Attention Deficit Disorder in the middle and Autism on the other side, with regards to severity of condition.  Hyperactive kids just can't sit still, and those with attention deficit disorder have a hard time paying attention as well, and those with autism often have withdrawn behavior, lack of emotion and speech and an extreme sensitivity to sound and touch.  They are also sometimes hyperactive.

Common Causes of ADD

There are many theories that abound as to what is causing this, but one is the mercury in the numerous vaccinations that kids get today.  Mineral and essential fatty acid deficiencies may also play a part, as well as too much junk food and intolerance to food additives, hypoglycemia and heavy metal toxicity.

Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutritional Supplements

Both the B and C complex vitamins can be helpful, as well as choline, another B vitamin*.  Magnesium can help calm hyperactive kids down*.  GLA from evening primrose or black currant oil or flax oil can also be helpful.*  Essential fatty acids from cod liver or fish oil can also help, as well as doing a heavy metal detox with things like chlorella.  Goji Juice is high in Vitamin C and Noni Juice high in minerals.  Acai Juice is high in essential fatty acids.

Recommended Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements*
  • B Vitamin Complex
  • C Vitamin Complex
  • Goji 100 Juice
  • Noni 100 Juice
  • Acai 100 Juice
  • Evening Primrose Oil or Black Currant Oil
  • Cod Liver Oil or Fish Oil
  • Chlorella
  • Heavy Metal Detox (with Chlorella)
  • Magnesium or Coral Calcium with Magnesium

Food Choices

Avoid all foods with additives, especially MSG, BHT, BHA, nitrates and colors.  This, unfortunately, means to avoid almost all packaged foods and restaurant foods, but it would certainly be worthwhile to give it a try and see if it helps your child.  Try testing for food allergies by eliminating some of the common food allergens from your younster's diet: corn, milk, wheat, eggs, chocolate, soy and citrus.  Avoid all processed foods, especially those with sugar. 

Try to feed your child a diet high in protein, saturated fats and fresh fruits and vegetables, including some leafy greens every day, or at least a salad.  Include tryptophan-rich foods like turkey and yogurt.  Eggs are also a great brain food.  Diet changes has been found to help many hyperactive children, and often results are seen in one to three weeks.

Other Ideas

Try to avoid fluorescent lighting and pesticides.  Some of the drugs used for ADD have been shown to actually make the condition worse over time, and have many side effects, so it is worth it to try to improve your child's vitamin intake and diet with nutrient-rich foods and nutritional supplements first.

* This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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