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Mangosteen Nutritional Supplements –
Are They Similar?

Well, in one word, NO!

Most Mangosteen Juice nutritional supplements are diluted with water and other fruit juices.  They often have toxic "natural flavors" (MSG) and carcinogenic preservatives added like sodium benzoate.  In addition, often the companies puchase dried mangosteen powder and then ship that to the US since it's lighter and cheaper and then reconstitute it to make juice here in the US. 

Many people have called Mangosteen, along with Noni, Goji and Acai Juices the "magic" juices, but if you get an inferior product, it is only normal that you experience inferior results.  In fact, most people who have tried these juices, including Mangosteen Juice, have tried with an inferior, diluted product and been disappointed.  So if you decide you want to try, we highly recommend that you find a potent source of your Mangosteen.

What to Look For in a Mangosteen Juice Supplement

  • Choose a liquid source that was NOT reconstituted from powder
  • Choose a 100% pure, undiluted juice – no water added, no fruit juice added, no natural flavors added (MSG) and no potassium sorbate or sodium benzoate.
  • Choose a Wild-harvested or organic product
  • Choose a Mangosteen Juice that uses the entire fruit, especially the rind, to make sure you are getting a high level of the xanthones
  • Choose a product made with good quality Mangosteen, not industrial waste fruit.

Many people have tried some of these super juices, like Mangosteen, Noni, Goji and/or Acai Juice, only to be severely disappointed in their healing results because of the poor quality of juice they had purchased.  Don't let yourself be a similar victim.  Choose only a high quality source, like our recommended brand, Mangosteen 100 by Genesis Today.  This product is 100% pure Mangosteen Juice, with no added water, juice, fillers, preservatives or chemicals of any kind.  It is Wild Harvested and no chemicals are used in the growing, harvesting or processing.

Mangosteen 100 by Genesis Today is a nutritional supplement that is unsurpassed in quality by any other other Mangosteen product we have seen world wide.

Mangosteen Juice
A Potent Nutritional Supplement

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