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Vitamin Deficiencies

It is difficult to know when you have certain vitamin deficiencies, as they can take weeks or months or even years to develop.  Often your body will slowly function less and less well when it does not get proper nourishment, before finally succumbing to disease.

The reverse is also true – adding vitamins and other nutritional supplements and/or changing your diet for the better will not make you feel better or cure diseases overnight.  This is because it takes time to rebuild your supply of vitamins and other nutrients in the body, and it takes time to rebuild the degenerative changes that got you sick in the first place.  This is also the reason why those who supplement with high quality, food based vitamins and super foods often get better faster than those who simply make positive changes in their diets.

Some health care professionals believe that using higher amounts of nutritional supplements for a short period of time followed by lower amounts for a longer period of time brings better results than simply supplementing with the amounts you need on a daily basis.  Those who start from a position of great lack often need more to begin with to make up for that huge deficiency.  If you don't see any results from adding vitamins or nutritional supplements to your diet, you need to ask yourself 1) Are you taking potent, high quality, 100% food-based nutritional supplements, 2) Is your body absorbing these supplements, and 3) Are you taking high enough levels to get your body to overcome the long-term short-fall?

Super Food Sources of Vitamins and Minerals

Some of the super or power foods that can be used to add a more concentrated source of vitamins and minerals back into your diet include greens for many of the vitamins and minerals, especially pro-vitamin A, K1, biotin, choline, folic acid and many minerals, nutritional flakes and natural living source B complex for the B vitamins, camu-camu and goji for vitamin C, coral calcium for calcium, magnesium and trace minerals, and cod liver oil for the essential fatty acids DHA and EPA and vitamins A and D.  All the “super juices” are great sources of concentrated super foods to help you rebuild your health - Goji Juice, Noni Juice, Acai Juice and Mangosteen Juice.  Don't forget to search out 100% living food source vitamins & nutrtional supplements with no toxic added fillers and to take higher amounts initially for the best results.

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