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Vitamin E - A Great Antioxidant Vitamin

Vitamin E, like the other vitamins, is not just one synthetic nutrient, but is made up of a complex of four tocopherols:  alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-, and four tocotrienols (also alpha-, beta-, gamma- and delta-). Alpha-tocopherol is the main form of vitamin E that is usually studied and/or given as a synthetic supplement.  It is important, however, that if you take a vitamin E supplement, you find a completely natural one with all four of the tocopherols and all four of the tocotrienols as they do work together as a complex and do different things in the body.

Vitamin E is one of the fat soluble vitamins, and functions as an antioxidant and also stimulates the immune system.  In its function as an antioxidant, vitamin E helps to quench free radicals.  These free radicals, when they remain in the body unquenched, are implicated in heart disease, cancer and many inflammatory-related diseases like arthritis.  So the fact that E is an antioxidant, along with its anticoagulant and vasodilator properties, seems to help protect against blood clots and cardiovascular disease.  Vitamin E slows down aging, helps speed up the healing of wounds and burns.*   E can also improve skin problems and help control dandruff.  E seems to also be a protective factor in cancer and reduces inflammation in the body.

Some other roles of E in the body include protecting against negative effects of environmental pollutants and chemicals, lowering blood pressure and protecting from frostbite, reducing PMS symptoms, helping treat lupus and avoiding miscarriages.

Vitamin E and Healing Burns

*  My personal family story with vitamin E concerns the healing of burns.  When my brother was very young, he knocked over a pot of boiling oil that spilled on his body and caused severe burns.  The doctor thought he was going to have to have skin grafts.  My mother had heard about the healing properties of vitamin E, and put some on his burns every day.  The next time she went to the doctor, she was amazed at how fast the burns were healing.  He did not end up needing skin grafts and the scarring was minimal, much to the doctor's surprise.

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