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Getting Vitamin D From Your Diet

Unless you spend much of your time out of doors year round near the equator, there will at least be some times of the year that you will not be manufacturing enough D from the sun.  In addition, if you don't spend time in the sun from 10 am until 2 pm when the UV-B rays are strong enough, or if you are elderly and your body has a harder time making vitamin D from the sun, then you will need to get more of your supply from food.  Some of the highest food sources of D include various foods from the sea, like:  high vitamin as well as standard cod liver oil, marlin and chum salmon, canned pink salmon, herring, fatty bluefin tuna, rainbow trout, makerel, salmon and canned sardines. 

You can also get a considerable amount of dietary vitamin D from pork lard, duck and chicken eggs and from some mushrooms.  Duck eggs have much more D in them than chicken eggs (about 6 times more).  However, the seafood sources are much more concentrated sources of D than the others, so if you are not taking cod liver oil and not eating fish, your diet probably doesn’t have that much D in it.

In addition, even if you are eating fish, the fish make D from nutrients found in algae, so if your fish comes from a farmed source, it probably doesn't contain much D.  Also, lard will only contain adequate amounts of vitamin D if it comes from pigs that are outside in the sunshine, and eggs need to come from chickens that have access to either insects or fishmeal.  So try to find pastured sources of lard and eggs if at all possible.

"The Secret to My Long Life is Hog Lard"
(We Would Say Vitamin D)

Dr. J.L. Head is still living by himself and caring for himself at the age 101.  In an article in the Star-Telegram, he says:  "The secret to my long life is simple, it was the hog lard I ate in my biscuits. I never ate much light bread. We had biscuits made out of hog lard. . . I also ate chili with a lot of grease. Most people don't make chili right ‘cause they don't like the grease. Chili has to have grease." 


Vitamin D Rich Lard Used By Long Lived Peoples

Two groups of people who are well known for their longevity, the Vilcabamba in Ecuador and those living in Soviet Georgia traditionally consumed large amounts of lard (pig fat) in their diets.

Perhaps we need to stop being so afraid of lard!

Vitamin D Deficiency
D Supplementation
D Toxicity

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