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Many Herbs & Plants Too Weak To Offer Typical Vitamin Benefits

Many vitamins and other nutritional supple

Potent Vitamins:  Grade 10 Ingredients

Synthetic Vitamins:  Are Your Vitamins Doing All They Could For You?

Supplement Critieria:  How to Find a Healthy Vitamin That Can Boost Your Health

ments use plant sources that do not have a high nutritional content.  As you probably could guess, the nutrient content and phyto-chemical properties of any plant including medicinal herbs can vary drastically, depending on the growing and harvesting methods, and the mineral content of the soil it was grown in.  Just because an herb or a plant is supposed to offer certain benefits (as quoted in scientific literature), does not mean that it actually does!  Many herbs grown today are too weak, too toxic, or both, to offer all the typically quoted benefits when actually used in vitamins or other nutritional supplements. 

For example, a plant’s mineral content can vary by over 900%, depending on how it was grown!  Likewise, its phyto-chemical nutrients can range from very potent, with terrific nutritional properties, to almost inactive.  If an herb is poorly grown, or grown in mineral-deficient soil, it cannot offer the same results as a plant that is grown under optimal conditions.  If you want to find truly effective nutritional supplements, including vitamins and minerals and other herbal supplements, you need to find ones that have used potent ingredients.

Vitamins:  Grade 10 Ingredients Make the Most Potent Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements

There is an International Herbal Grade 10 Scale that rates all nutrients.  However, very few American manufacturers of nutritional supplements or food-based vitamins look exclusively for Grade 10 nutrients, even though the very best nutritional supplements contain only Grade 10!  Look for potent Grade 10 ingredients in your vitamins!

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Grade 10 Ingredients Make Potent Vitamins!


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