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If you want to really be healthy and feed your body the best nutritional supplements and vitamins, ask questions like these:

Healthy Vitamins = Healthy People
Healthy Vitamins - Criteria

If you want to feel the best, and get the most out of your vitamins, it is important that you look for companies that really care about their customers, not just about the money.  You need to find vitamins and nutritional supplements that are:

Most Vitamins Today are Not Healthy

Most vitamins today do not meet these criteria.  Many companies that make vitamins and other nutritional supplements either use synthetic ingredients, toxic fillers, or don’t even test to make sure that their products are free from various contamination, like lead and arsenic.  In addition, many herbals products are simply not grown in the right soil, leading to weak supplements that just cannot give you the benefits you are looking for and that you deserve.  If you haven’t read these pages yet, follow the links to find out more.

Vitamins Not Used By Your Body if You Are Deficient In Minerals

In addition, did you know that if your body does not have enough of certain minerals, especially certain trace minerals, like zinc, you will not be able to properly use the vitamins that you consume?  And that most people today are deficient in various minerals?  If you are spending the money to take vitamins supplements, make sure you are getting enough minerals as well!

More on the Importance of Minerals:  The Key to Your Health!
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Supplement Criteria:
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