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Acai 100 from Genesis Today
100% Pure Acai Berry Juice Nutritional Supplement

ACAI 100 from Genesis Today is the only 100% pure, wild harvested Acai berry juice that is fully supported by the research findings of the world's foremost scientific expert on Acai, Dr. Stephen Talcott, PhD., of Texas A&M University. Dr. Talcott's research and scientific studies have been published in numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals such as the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, Food Research International, and Food Chemistry.

Competitive Benefits of ACAI 100:

  • 100% PURE wild harvested ACAI Berry Juice! No added fruit juices, sweeteners, sugars, preservatives, water or anything!  No chemicals of any type are used on the fruit.  Grown in rich soil for a potent berry.
  • Made from the whole Acai Berry, including the Epicarp (the dark purple/black skin), the Mesocarp (the pulpy meat) and the Endocarp (the seed)
  • 30,000 mg of pure Acai Berry Juice in every 1 fl. oz. serving
  • Processed through a unique maceration process that has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous people of the Brazilian rainforest and other bordering South American countries

Acai 100 Nutritional Supplement is 100% Acai Juice and Supports:

  • Healthy energy and stamina levels and resistance to fatigue*
  • Healthy libido*
  • Digestive function and liver health*
  • Mental Clarity, good focus and a positive mood*
  • Soothing and calming to gastrointestinal systems*
  • A superior plant-based protein and essential fatty acid food
  • Healthy immune system*
  • Cardiovascular health, including healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels�*
  • Anti aging and longevity*
  • Supple skin, hair and nails*
  • Cleansing and detoxification*

About Acai 100, a Healthy Nutritional Supplement:

  • Rich in macronutrients such as: Proteins (Amino Acids) & Essential Fatty Acids
  • Strong historical use as a nutrient rich food source by the indigenous inhabitants of the Brazilian Rainforest
  • Contains over 3.5 times the Anthocyanin (Cyanidin 3-Glucoside) levels of red wine (per equal volume)
  • Contains naturally occurring plant-based Essential Fatty Acids (fatty acid profile similar to olive oil) & Phytosterols which may support healthy cholesterol & blood sugar levels*�
  • Rich in Fiber and Lubricating Oils which supports a healthy gastrointestinal tract(*)
  • Supports healthy joints, healthy inflammatory processes & acts as a powerful free radical scavenger(*)

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

� Healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels that are already within normal range.

You can find Acai 100 in various health food stores or often at a discount at our Amazon StoreNOTE:  This store was simply put together for your convenience.  We are not selling any of these items ourselves, but wanted to make it easy for you to find the products we recommend at a good price all in 1 place.

Acai 100 by Genesis Today
A Potent Nutritional Supplement

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