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Minerals - A Key to Vitamin Utilization

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Minerals in Your Diet

Healthy Vitamins Rx, but did you know that minerals, especially some of the trace minerals, are crucial to vitamin utilization in the body?  This means without enough of certain minerals, your body can’t even use the vitamins you may be consuming.  Wow!

Are you mineral deficient?  Most people are.

Minerals Must Be in Soil To Be in Foods You Eat!

But minerals are necessary for many processes in the body.  In addition, plants cannot manufacture minerals if they are not in the soil.  Let me repeat, plants cannot make their own minerals if they are not present in the soil.  This is extremely important because even our very own govennment determined way back in the 1930s that our soils were mineral-deficient.  Plants can manufacture vitamins, but not the minerals, so if they are not present in the proper quantities in the soil, they cannot possibly be at an optimal level in your food! 

Organic Food Higher in Vitamins and Minerals -
But Still Missing Nutrients, Especially Minerals

In addition, although organic foods often test higher in many nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, even many organic foods have been shown to be lower in trace minerals than what is optimal for health.  And much lower than they used to be.  This is because of modern farming methods which do not replenish the trace minerals in the soil like they should.  In addition, we also have a higher need for many of the trace minerals today as we use some of them up in the very important work of detoxifying.  Some of these include selenium, zinc and iodine.

Trace Mineral Supplements are Useful for Many

Minerals: Emerald Sea Trace Minerals from SeaweedThis is why we do recommend a trace mineral supplement for most people, and the one we recommend is a superfood from the sea.  This supplement is  a very powerful superfood blend that is certified organic, hand harvested and sun-dried to preserve nutrients.  It includes seaweeds that are high in iodine, selenium and other trace minerals.

More info on the Emerald Sea™:  The Superfood from the Sea

If not Emerald Sea™, we highly recommend that you use some type of natural trace mineral supplement in order to boost your overall health and to get the most out of the vitamins you consume.

Greens can be high in minerals:  Note:  Most mineral supplements today are synthetic, or are derived from rocks.  But humans were designed to get minerals from plants.  Greens and Green Superfood Supplements can also be high in plant-based minerals, and can be a good way to add natural trace minerals to your diet.  Organic root vegetables also tend to be high in minerals.  You can also add seaweed to your diet, if you like seaweed, make sure it comes from a clean source.

MINERALS - Essential to Vitamin Utilization

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