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FAQs About GOJI 100
A Powerful Nutritional Supplement

Answers from the Formulator,
Founder & CEO of Genesis Today,
Dr. R. Lindsey Duncan

Question 6 on the Goji 100 Nutritional Supplement: How do you keep bugs and unwanted critters from attacking or eating the Goji berries or vines without the use of chemicals?

This is not a problem in nature. When the soil is rich and chemical –free, it produces powerful plants. Powerful plants have the ability to ward off and repel attacks and invasions from insects. Insects, bacteria, fungus’ or yeasts, feed off of the weak, the sick, the anemic and the like. This is a basic fact of nature. Very little can attack or damage an organic strong Goji plant or Noni plant.

Question 7 on the Goji 100 Nutritional Supplement: Are your Goji berries dried, frozen or fresh?

The berries are never dried or frozen. We use only fresh berries.

Question 8 on the Goji 100 Nutritional Supplement: Can you explain your entire process, from the vine to the shelf?

 Some parts of our process are highly confidential & proprietary. I will elaborate on what is not protected.

As previously explained, our berries are shaken and dropped fresh when they are perfectly ripe into toxin-free sacks. The full sacks are then placed into large, chemical-free wooden containers. These are then taken to a plant where the berries are placed in large, round wooden vats (much like a wine vat).  About 6-12 hours later, the berries have softened and they are pressed using a smooth, round wooden “plunger.” The Goji  juice is then collected into a plastic vat and stored in refrigerated storage and prepared for shipment. It is shipped by boat in cold storage (NOT frozen but refrigerated at about 40 degrees) to the U. S. It enters customs, is quarantined by the U. S. government, inspected, and tested for microbiological contamination. It passes the microbiological test. It’s released. Genesis Today takes possession of it and it is immediately shipped to our bottling facility. When it is received at our bottling facility it is tested for all active compounds (polysaccharides, etc.). We then begin our proprietary process and do more testing.

The product is then prepared for a very well monitored, sophisticated, low heat, Flash Pasteurization process where the temperature reaches approx. 149 - 158 degrees for only a few moments. It is then cooled down to 100 - 102 degrees where the product is immediately filled into glass bottles and sealed. The product is then tested, in-house, for microbiological contamination. If any is found, the entire batch is destroyed (NOT irradiated and NOT fumigated and re-used!). Once it passes inspection, it comes out of quarantine, several bottles are held back for FDA purposes where they are retained for many years. The rest of the product is released to the Genesis Today home office in Austin, Texas.

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A Potent Goji Juice Nutritional Supplement:
Genesis Today's Goji 100

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