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Woman's World Magazine Article on Goji Juice
A Powerful Nutritional Supplement

"Stay Young & Healthy with The Amazing Asian Super-Juice that can Add 20 Years to Your Life" - Women's World Magazine, March 2, 2004

This was Woman's World's headline for an article about Goji Juice, and amazing whole food nutritional supplement.  They said that Goji can really "turn back the clock, shut down cancer cells, supercharge your immune system and rev up your love life!"

They discussed how the average woman of the Hunza tribe in the Himalayan mountains lives to be 100 years old, and even at that age, has never experienced things like chronic fatigue, arthritis, depression or sexual dysfunction.  Now this could certainly be due to a multitude of reasons, like eating healthy, nutrient-rich foods and relatively little junk food, but Woman's World attributed their longevity, vitality and healthy bodies to the Goji Berry.

They talked about some of the key benefits of the Goji Berry, also known as the Wolfberry:

Goji Berry and Cell Rejuvenation

They noted that Goji is full of powerful antioxidants that have been shown in studies to literally shut down cell aging in less than six hours.  They talked about how Goji boosts the body's production of hGh, (human growth hormone), that can help repair skin cells and boost muscle strength, amongst other things.  They also explained how the antioxidants in Goji can clean up free radicals in the body BEFORE damage occurs in your cells.  So they are saying that Goji as a nutritional supplement can help you stay young.

Goji and Cancer Protection

This article also explained how the antioxidant action of the Goji Berry can help prevent cancers from starting because of the way it gets rid of the free radicals before damage occurs.  Researchers are also reporting that goji's amino acid blend can even repair damaged DNA, which means it converts it back to it's normal state free of cancer.

Goji Can Give a Powerful Immune Boost & Relief From Arthritis*

They quoted experts who say that "sipping 2 oz. of goji juice dialy for as little as three weeks dramatically improves your immune system's ability to fend off infections."  They also discussed research on one of the compounds in Goji:  super-oxide dismutase (SOD), that is an anti-inflammatory that has been shown to neutralize arthritis pain because of lowering inflammation in the body.

Goji Juice certainly can live up to its reputation as a powerful whole food nutritional supplement that may add years to your life like it seems to have to the Hunza in Asia.

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Goji Juice:  A Powerful Nutritional Supplement

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