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Noni Juice: Why So Good For Your Health?
Full of Vitamins & Minerals Your Body May Be Lacking

First of all, you need to know that N

Noni Contains Over 160 Powerful Nutrients!

Noni Juice:  A Great Tonic for Your Digestion

Noni and Pain Relief

Noni Contains Powerful Anti-Bacterial Agents

Noni Can Boost Mood

oni or Noni Juice will only benefit you fully if you are taking a poten Noni supplement, one that contains pure, unadulterated, aged Noni juice.  This is the real Noni, full of the vitamins and nutrients that the Noni fruit originally contains. 

Most of the nutritional supplements on the market today that call themselves "Noni Juice" are mixed with other juices, water, or other additives like "natural flavors" (MSG) that cut costs and make the product taste sweeter.  This, however, is not the Noni that those in Southeast Asia and the South Pacific used for thousands of years.  These adulterated Noni nutritional supplements not only are less potent, with less vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but they often actually contain ingredients like natural flavors (MSG) and sodium benzoate that are bad for you.  So all the benefits we are talking about here only apply to a top quality, potent supplement

Noni Contains Over 160 Powerful Vitamins, Minerals and Other Nutrients

These vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can affect our bodies in many profound ways.  There are also no doubt other vitamins or other substances that have not yet been discovered in Noni, that are nonetheless there in any excellent Noni nutritional supplement, and are also useful.

Noni Juice is a Digestive Tonic*

Noni is a powerful, digestive bitter, rich in natural enzymes.  It stimulates the digestive tract and promotes all-around healthy digestion*.  This is perhaps one of the reasons that so many users feel positive results despite varied health issues, in addition to the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients found in Noni.  Enhanced digestion promotes better health in general, since if we can't digest our foods properly, we can't assimilate the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that it contains.  This may be part of what makes Noni such a powerful natural nutritional supplement.

Noni Contains Anthraquinones:  Effective for Pain Relief

These nutrients in Noni called Anthraquinones help to stimulate the activity of the entire digestive process, increasing much needed secretion, enzymes and bile flow*.  Anthraquinones are also effective for pain relief and as a supplement in numerous health conditions*.

Noni contains Proven Anti-Bacterial Agents

These include Acubin, Alizarin, Asperuloside and Anthraqui-none, which fortify and protect against many types of infectious bacteria, including Staphylococcus area, E-coli, Salmonella and Sigel.  No wonder many ancient cultures used Noni and Noni Juice as a nutritional supplement to treat fevers, colds, food poisoning skin infections and other bacterial related illnesses.

Noni Contains Scopoletin:  Boosts Mood, Anti-Inflammatory

Scopoletin is not a vitamin, but a very powerful nutrient that is known to bind with Serotonin.  Serotonin is found in the brain, the gut, the blood and the cells of the mucous membranes.  We need normal levels of serotonin in order to have and maintain a normal, upbeat mood.  In fact, most people who are depressed have low levels of serotonin, perhaps brought about by low levels of vitamins and other nutrients.  Scopoletin also helps to reduce high blood pressure by virtue of dilating blood vessels*.  It is believed that Scopoletin has anti-fungal effects as well as antihistamine and anti-inflammatory effects* as well.

Noni Contains a Powerful Compound Called Damancanthal Which is Beneficial on Precancerous Cells

Here's another nutrient that is not found in most vitamin pills or nutritional supplements, but seems to be very useful in any case.  In 1993, Japanese researchers analyzed many different plant extracts, and concluded that the phytonutrient Damancanthal that is found in Noni has a very beneficial effect on precancerous cells.

Noni Juice Has a Very Low pH of 3.4 to 3.8

Noni juice  is very acidic in nature, and therefore contains powerful anti-fungal, anti-viral, anti-tumor and antihistamine properties.  Noni is very effective in helping the body combat Candida albicans and other yeast overgrowths*.  The alkaloids and other chemicals compounds, along with some vitamins, all found in Noni, have also proven to assist in combating infectious bacterial strains.  Despite Noni's low pH, its overall effect on the body is a balancing of pH.  If you're too acidic, it will help neutralize the acid, and if you're too alkaline, it will help produce more acid.  Having the proper acid/alkaline ratio is very important to good health.  How your body maintains the proper pH is very complicated, but it seems that besides eating a vitamin and nutrient-rich diet, minerals are very important.  Noni, grown wild in rich volcanic soils, is naturally rich in various minerals that are often missing in our diets today.

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Noni and Noni Juice
Has Many Vitamins and Other Nutrients
That Benefit Your Health

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