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Vitamin RDA's

RDA's or Recommended Daily Allowances were set up as guidelines to make sure people don't get some of the most severe deficiency diseases.  They were never designed to represent optimal vitamin and mineral levels.  In spite of these low levels, a recent survey by the US Department of Agriculture showed that out of 21,500 surveyed, not even one person got 100% of the RDA for all the nutrients in the survey over a period of three days!

Although the above study showed that almost everyone needs to either increase the level of vitamins and minerals in their diet or take nutritional supplements, there are certain population groups who are the most affected.  These include people with diseases or on medication that interfere with digestion or absorption of nutrients, the elderly and pregnant or nursing women, those who recently were injured or burned, or recently had surgery, and vegetarians and dieters.  In addition, if you are still eating processed foods like white sugar and flour and hydrogenated oils, or using tobacco, alcohol or drugs, including many prescription drugs, you are depleting your body of many micro nutrients.  If you are under stress of any type or exposed to chemicals in our environment (who isn't?), you will also have higher requirements for many nutrients, especially the antioxidant vitamins like B, C & E, and may want to consider whole food nutritional supplements.

It’s Hard To Get Enough Vitamins From Our Diets Today Without Nutritional Supplements

Many people have a hard time these days finding and eating only truly superior, nutrient-dense foods.  Even back in the 1930’s it was recognized that our soils and consequently our foods were depleted of essential minerals.  This is even more of a problem today, and even amongst many organic farmers, not all have corrected this problem with their soil.  In addition to the mineral deficiency, since 1980 there has been a 50% reduction in antioxidants in our foods, including vitamin B, C, and E complexes, and unless acquired  fresh from the farm or from your own organic garden, and consumed shortly within picking, your food will be lacking these vitamins and other antioxidants.  At the same time, our world is now filled with chemicals that bombard us on all sides.  This increases our body’s need for nutrients, especially for antioxidants like the B, C, and E vitamin complexes, DHLA and green tea.

So even if you are getting the RDA of all the vitamins, you are probably not getting enough micronutrients for optimal health.

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