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Mangosteen Juice
A Powerful Whole Food Nutritional Supplement

Most Mangosteen Juice comes from places in Southeast Asia like Thailand and Indonesia.  It has long been used both as a table fruit, and also in folk and traditional medicine for inflammatory conditions of the bowel, to help control pain, to disinfect wounds and more.  The key active therapeutic ingredients in Mangosteen are the phytonutrients called Xanthones.

Powerful Natural Anti-Inflammatory Xanthones in Mangosteen Juice

These phytonutrients are natural anti-inflammatory agents, and it turns out that the Mangosteen fruit and its juice are nature's richest known source of these Xanthones, mostly in its rind.  Xanthones have been shown to be COX-1 and COX-2 inhibitors, which are used in synthetic versions in various pharmaceutical drugs for patients with severe asteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other inflammatory conditions.  Some of these Rx drugs include Celebrex® and Vioxx®, which have recently been in the media as potentially unsafe drugs.

In addition to helping with pain, reducing inflammation in the body may be critical to lowering the incidence of all sorts of chronic degenerative diseases, like cancer, heart disease, lupus, Crohn's disease, Alzheimer's and ulcerative colitis.

Powerful Antioxidants Contained in Mangosteen

These Xanthones are also powerful antioxidants, and hence can reduce free radical damage in your body.  Free radical damage in your body may manifest itself as premature aging, elevated bad cholesterol, cell and DNA mutations, cardiovascular disease and more, so if you can reduce that it may be very helpful.

Mangosteen is a Natural Immune Booster

Researcher in Asia have shown that the xanthones in mangosteen are powerful stimulants to the immune system.  Current research is showing that xanthones may even be effective against liver, breast and colon cancer, as well as leukemia.

Natural Antibacterial and Antifungal Properties of Mangosteen

As you probably have heard, overuse of antiobiotics in many parts of the world has created strains of drug-resistant bacteria.  One of these resistant strains is one of the staph bacteria called MRSA.  Scientists in experiments have seen strong antibacterial activity against MRSA and other super strains of bacteria.  Xanthones also show strong antifungal activity.

Mangosteen Acts as a Natural Anti-Histamine

Histamines are released in the body by allergic people when they are exposed to the allergen – pollen, dust, foods, pet dander and more.  In vitro, anyways, the xanthones in mangosteen have shown to directly lower histamine release.  This means that the xanthones in mangosteen and mangosteen juice may very likely be a great natural support for those with allergies.

Unfortunately, most Mangosteen Juice sold today is diluted with water and other fruit juices and may not contain very many of these powerful xanthones.  More on the next page:

Are All Mangosteen Juice Nutritional Supplements Similar?

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