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Side Effects of Pain Killers and other Arthritis Meds

If you got to this webpage, you probably already know about some of the side effects of pain killers and other medicines people take for arthritis, and perhaps you are looking for a way to take care of or at least ease your arthritis or other pain more naturally.

Vitamins and Supplements For Arthritis Pain
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Why Pain Doesn’t Go Away

Are NSAIDs Really Safe For Long Term Use Like With Arthritis?

But we just wanted to touch briefly on some of these side effects.  Many people start with over the counter NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), that many think are perfectly safe - after all, they are often sold over the counter.  But also in this category are arthritis and pain drugs like Vioxx™ that was recalled from the market due to risk of heart attack and stroke.  In addition, many symptoms come on slowly with those who take these drugs day after day, year after year, because they pain just won’t go away.

Drug Side Effects 3rd Leading Cause of Death

Did you know that side effects from drugs are the 3rd leading cause of death in the USA?  These pain relievers can cause bone deterioration, increase your risk of being hospitalized and also are implicated in causing heart failure.  Some arthritis medicines are implicated in cancer as well.

Drugs are designed to shut down a chemical pathway in the body that is malfunctioning, not to fix it!

Why Pain Doesn’t Go Away Or Comes Back As Arthritis

We actually have pain for a very good reason, to warn us and to protect us, and it can serve it’s purpose to keep us off an injured leg, for example.  When we have pain, there is normally also some degree of inflammation, as it is with the inflammation and accompanying extra cells that are sent to the injury site that we heal.  The body can use enzymes and white cells, for example, to get rid of debris from injured or infected tissues.  But do you ever wonder why pain sometimes doesn’t go away, like with most arthritis pain?  Or why pain sometimes comes back from an old injury in the form of arthritis as you get older? 

Sometimes it can be as simple of something in your diet that you are allergic to, like nightshades.  Other times you may need some nutrients to boost your body’s immune system so you can really heal.  Other times no matter what you do, complete healing does not seem to take place, but pain, like with arthritis, may still be greatly reduced.

If you got to this page directly, you might like our main Arthritis Page, where we have information on vitamins and other supplements that can help arthritis pain naturally.

Vitamins & Supplements To Relieve Your Arthritis Naturally

Vitamins and Supplements
For Arthritis Pain

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