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Magnesium Stearate in 90% of
Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements

Magnesium stearate is also known as stear

Healthy Vitamins are Free of Stearates

Sodium Benzoate:  A Carcinogen Added to Your Vitamins?

Supplement Industry Cheating

Vitamins:  Poor Nutrient Sources = Poor Vitamins

ic acid,  and is used as a lubricant in over 90% of the vitamins and other nutritional supplements consumed today.  This enables the manufacturers to run their machines more efficiently and save them money, but it may create health problems for you.

Stearic Acid Found in Vitamins and Supplements Vitamins Harmful to Your Liver, Causes Cell Death and Depresses Your Immune System

  • The Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, in July 1999, says that stearic acid may prevent absorption and also “might be harmful to the liver.” 
  • “... Cell death was induced by stearic and palmitic acid.”  PMID:  12562519 (PubMed) Ulloth, JE, Casiano CA, De Leon M., Department of Microbiology and Immunolgy, East Carolina university School of Medicine.
  • Stearic Acid inhibits T-cell dependent immune responses... - Tebbey PW, Buttke TM, “Molecular Basis for the Immunosuppressive Action of Stearic Acid on T cells”, Immunogy, 1990 Jul; 379-86.

Look For Healthy Vitamins and Supplements: Free of Stearates
Especially those you plan to take over the long term

So stearic acid, also called magnesium stearate appears to inhibit absorption, be harmful to your liver, cause cell death in your body and suppress your immune system.  We may not know if the small quantities of stearates found in vitamins are enough to cause health problems, but do you really want to be taking vitamins or other nutritional supplements on a long-term basis with these ingredients in them?  Even many retailers do not know about the health problems that  may occur by consuming stearates, and mistakenly claim 100% purity or 100% natural for their supplements and vitamins that contain these toxins. 

One brand we know of that is guaranteed from of stearates is the Quantum / Premier brand.  Two online stores we know of that carry the Quantum / Premier brands are Total Health Secrets and Love Street Living Foods:


Total Health Secrets carries the Quantum/Premier brand of vitamins and also Health Force Nutritionals.

Love Street Living Foods carries the Quantum/Premier natural vitamins and also Gaia Herbs, Healthforce, Weleda and Organic Raw Foods.



Healthy Vitamins & Supplements
Do NOT Contain Stearates






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