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FAQs About GOJI 100
A Powerful Nutritional Supplement

Answers from the Formulator,
Founder & CEO of Genesis Today,
Dr. R. Lindsey Duncan

Question 1 On the Goji 100 Nutritional Supplement:  Is GOJI 100 sprayed with any chemicals, ie: herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, etc?

100% no – absolutely not.

Question 2 On the Goji 100 Nutritional Supplement: Is it GOJI 100 organic?

Most of the growing regions where we purchase our Goji berries from do not have the ability, at this point, to go through the organic certification process. We’re contacting the local regions in Western Mongolia and in the Himalayan region to begin the organic certification process. This should take 6-9 months to obtain the organic certification from each of our exclusive growers. As mentioned previously, Goji 100 contains no herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or any chemicals.

Question 3 On the Goji 100 Nutritional Supplement: Are the Goji berries grown wild or are they cultivated (farmed in rows created by man)?

Absolutely 100% grown wild.

Question 4 On the Goji 100 Nutritional Supplement: Are the Goji berries then “Wild Harvested”?

Yes. If they’re grown wild, then therefore they must be wild harvested.

Question 5 On the Goji 100 Nutritional Supplement: Is there any damage done to the goji plant during the growing, picking or initial processes?

Absolutely not. We mandate that all berries are NOT to be picked, but the vines or bushes are to be shaken so that the berries drop into chemical-free sacks, which is the proper and traditional way to gather Goji berries. This is because it is believed that too much handling results in bruised fruit or energetic changes.  We do, however, pick up any berries off of the ground that miss the sack so as to have no waste. There is no damage done to the Goji plant in any way, shape or form.

Goji 100 FAQ, p. 2

Potent Goji Juice:  Genesis Today's Goji 100

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