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Noni and Noni Juice
Boost Your Health With Noni

Noni is an evergreen tree that grows in

Noni:  A Sacred Plant to the Polynesians

Noni Juice:  Boost Your Vitamins Naturally with Noni

Many Active Compounds Found in Noni That Can Benefit Your Health

What Others Say About Noni

tropical regions in volcanic soil in places like Tahiti and Hawaii.  The Noni tree grows to heights of 15 to 20 feet, and the fruit contains very high concentrations of minerals that come from the rich volcanic soil.  This is a great nutritional supplement because Noni contains vitamins and nutrients that are very powerful and nutritious, especially compared to the vitamin and nutrient-poor food most of us are eating today.

Noni and Noni Juice:  Powerful Healing Effect

Noni Juice, or noni juice powder as a nutritional supplement is not a sweet fruit or juice; in fact, it has a very pungent, powerful taste and smell that carries over into a powerful, healing, medicinal effect on the body.  It has been used as a medicinal plant, or nutritional supplement in the South Pacific and other tropical regions for over 2,000 years, way before the discovery of vitamin C, or any other vitamin, in fact.  The  healing and restorative powers of noni juice are legendary.  Unlike any vitamin in pill form, it has been likened to "gold" by many people who live where it grows, and is rapidly gaining the same reputation all over the world.

Noni:  A Sacred Plant to Polynesians

Noni was known as the "queen" of all "canoe" plants:  these were sacred plants that Polynesians were required to take along when they settled another island.  Other plants were used for food or shelter, but Noni was used as a nutritional supplement in treating health problems, both minor as well as major.  They may not have known about vitamins and other phytonutrients, but this obligation to carry a Noni tree to each newly inhabited island was apparently considered a vital necessity by the natives nevertheless.  It was like making sure you had enough water for a trip crossing the desert.

Noni Juice Can Boost Your Vitamin & Mineral Stores

Drinking a powerful, pure Noni Juice as a nutritional supplement can replenish your body's supply of many important nutrients, including various vitamins and especially minerals that are sorely lacking in our foods today.  This in turn can help your body to heal many different health problems, without popping a synthetic vitamin pill.


Active Compounds Found in 100% Pure, Aged Noni Juice

100% pure Noni juice should be ripened and processed using traditional methods to extract its juice.  This method of producing the Noni nutritional supplement increases the potency of the 140+ active ingredients (enzymes, phytonutrients, trace minerals and vitamins), and helps to preserve and naturally stabilize the juice.  Noni is especially high in minerals, as it is usually grown in volcanic, mineral-rich soil.  This is important as many of our foods are deficient in minerals, and we need good sources of plant-based minerals.

What Others Say About Noni

Dr. Lindsey Duncan, Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutritionist, had this to say about Noni:

Noni: A Top Supplement

"Over the last 20 years I've studi

Noni:  Increases Effectiveness of Other Treatments (Dr. Yasny, Hollywood, CA)

Noni Juice:  A Magic Juice I Recommend (Kevin Trudeau)

You Can Feel Better, Reverse & Prevent Disease with Noni

ed, researched, and used thousands of different herbs, plant nutrients, and nutritional supplements to achieve positive results with my patients.  Out of all these natural healing elements, Noni, is by far, at the very top of my usage list.  It is very potent, effective, causes no side effects, and has given me tremendously positive results with my patients... in a very short period of time. 

Noni's usage range is astounding.  I've used it in every imaginable way… on external skin conditions, diluted with water as a sinus rinse and an eye rinse, as well as a host of internal problems ranging from digestive issues, allergies, hormonal imbalances, circulatory problems, support of major organs such as heart, brain, lung, kidneys, pancreas, liver, and intestines.  It offers powerful nervous system support, it helps with depression and exhaustion, obesity, Candida, parasites, and much more.  To sum it up,  if I was stranded on a desert island, and could only choose ONE health-building nutritional element to have with me, it would, without a doubt, be 100% pure, aged, undiluted NONI."

Dr. R. Lindsey Duncan, CN, ND is a prot�g� of renowned detoxification expert Dr. Bernard Jenson, a master herbalist and has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN news.  He formulates nutritional supplements and tests them clinically in his own practice before selling them to the public under his company, Genesis Today.

Noni... Increases Effectiveness of Other Treatments

"Not only does Noni provide many benefits on its own, it acts as a delivery agent increasing the effectiveness of all other treatments and supplementation."

Dr. Kenneth Yasny, Hollywood, CA, on Noni as a Nutritional Supplement

Noni Juice is One of the “Magic Juices” I Recommend

Kevin Trudeau also talks about using Noni Juice and Goji Juice as whole food nutritional supplements, in his books Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About and in The Weight Loss Cure.  In The Weight Loss Cure, Kevin calls Noni Juice, along with Goji Juice, Mangosteen Juice and Acai Berry Juice, "…the 'magic juices' that I recommend..."  He recommends the use of pure, organic Noni along with other natural nutritional supplements.

Feel Better, Reverse & Prevent Disease with Noni

He also says:  "One Simple Thing You Can Do … (to) Feel Better, Reverse Disease, and Prevent Disease… (is taking) the Mangosteen Fruit, the Wolfberry (known as Goji), and the Noni Fruit."

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Healthy Vitamins & Minerals in
Noni and Pure Noni Juice
Can Boost Your Health

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