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Vitamin B – Biotin
B Complex Vitamin


Biotin is another piece of the B complex of vitamins that is necessary in the formation of anti-bodies for a strong immune system, and also for the body's utilization of essential fatty acids (EFA's) and amino acids (these come from fats and proteins).   This means that even if you eat enough EFA's and protein, your body might not be breaking them down into a usable form if you don't get enough biotin.

As we have said before, all the B vitamins really work in combination with each other, and biotin is no exception.  You need biotin in order for your body to properly use B5 and B12, for example.

Since biotin is necessary for using EFA's and proteins, it is also important in order for you to have strong, healthy nails.  Biotin vitamin supplementation has also helped dandruff and other scalp problems, as well as dermatitis and eczema. 

Furthermore, when Japanese scientists studied blood sugar and biotin levels of Type II diabetics, they found that the higher their blood sugar, the lower their level of biotin.  They also found that people who don't have diabetes had higher levels of biotin.  This is a significant finding!  Further, when they gave 9 mg of biotin every day to their sample group of Type II diabetics (18 people), the participants' blood sugar levels dropped almost in half in 1 month!  That's amazing!  If this was a drug it would be making front page headlines!

Research also shows an enhanced immune system occurs when biotin is given to those with candida albicans overgrowth problems and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).

Extra Biotin Requirements

Those taking antibiotics long term seem to need higher amounts of the vitamin biotin.  Those with Type II diabetes according to the Japanese study need to increase their biotin levels to help reduce their blood sugar levels

Deficiency Symptoms of Biotin – One of the B Vitamins

Muscle pains and skin disorders.

Food Sources of Biotin

Nutritional yeast, poultry, organ meats, salmon, raspberries, tomatoes, eggs, corn, cauliflower, walnuts, molasses, peanuts, and milk, especially raw milk.

Like all the B vitamins, folate is reduced in cooking and processing.

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