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Whey Protein Powder
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Lowering Your Toxic Load Benefits
Your Health In So Many Ways!


Whey Protein Powder and Detoxification

This website is mainly focused on whey

More Ways to Reduce Toxins in Your Body - In Addition to Supplementing With Whey Protein Powder

protein powder, so we will not spend too much time discussing toxins, but since one major benefit of whey in our opinion is its ability to boost gluathione levels and hence detoxification, we think a discussion of reducing toxins is warranted, even on a Whey Protein Website!

Also, even if you take a whey protein powder supplement every day, you may be exposed to more toxins than your body can eliminate.  And if these toxins accumulate in your body, then you are exposing yourself to risk, as many degenerative diseases are linked at least in part to toxin levels in the body, including cancer, so we recommend looking for ways to reduce the amount of toxins you are exposed to.

Ways to Reduce Toxins:

In addition to supplementing with whey protein powder, here are some more ways to reduce toxins in your body, making you healthier and less likely to get sick:

  • Eat Organic, Fresh Whole Foods
  • Filter Your Water
  • Filter Your Air, especially if you live in a polluted area
  • Use Only Non-Toxic Household Cleaning Products - even baking soda and vinegar can clean many things!
  • Switch to Less-Toxic Cosmetics and Hair & Skin Care
  • Do NOT use synthetic fragrances*!  These are found not only in perfumes and colognes, but in hair and skin care products like lotions and aftershave, laundry detergents and fabric softeners and “air fresheners**.”  Fragrances today contain many dangerous chemicals and may one day be seen as cigarettes and second hand cigarette smoke - so dangerous that no one should really be using synthetic fragrance or certainly not exposing others to it!
  • If you smoke, quit smoking cigarettes!
  • If you have the money in your budget, pay attention to what you bring into your house or use for remodeling.  Things like conventional furniture, mattresses, paint, and carpets are often high in toxic chemicals, and lower-toxin alternatives do exist.

*More on Synthetic Fragrances
**More on “Air Fresheners”

For more info on air and water purifiers, and natural cleaning products, check the EcoViva Website.

Supplementing with Whey Protein Powder - How To Make It Even More Beneficial

So if you have decided to supplement with a high quality whey protein powder, do your health a favor, and try to reduce toxins as well!  You might very well find that if you do this, you need less of the whey to get the same benefits.

Recommended Whey Protein Powder

Whey Protein Powder
Can Help You
Reduce Toxins

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