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FAQs About GOJI 100
A Powerful Nutritional Supplement

Answers from the Formulator,
Founder & CEO of Genesis Today,
Dr. R. Lindsey Duncan

Question 14 on the Goji 100 Nutritional Supplement: How much sugar is in GOJI 100?

As most people view sugar or think of sugar: NONE. However, the amount of naturally occurring sugar that is present in all fruits and berries (such as in Goji) is being tested now. We believe its going to be less than 2 grams per serving. We believe that it will prove to be very low on the glycemic index and we are certain that the naturally occurring sugars in this product are mostly components of the healing polysaccharides, therefore, do not feed Candida albicans, yeasts, fungus’, parasites, bacteria or virus’ and actually aid to destroy them. There is good clinical evidence that backs this up.

Question 15 on the Goji 100 Nutritional Supplement: Is Goji 100 safe for diabetics to take?

Absolutely yes. 100% of the time, across the board.

Question 16 on the Goji 100 Nutritional Supplement: What is the best way to take Goji 100?

The very best way to take it is 2 oz in the morning on an empty stomach, mixed with 2 oz of Noni100. Then another 2 oz of Goji 100 mixed with 2 oz of Noni 100, on an empty stomach in the afternoon. This makes what I believe to be one of the world’s most powerful “Super Tonics”. I believe this mix is the ultimate preventative.

Question 17 on the Goji 100 Nutritional Supplement: Is Goji 100 safe for children? And at what age?

Yes. Goji juice can be taken at the age when they can actually swallow. The dosage would be up to � oz per day to 2 years of age. Then, up to 1 oz per day for children of 5 year of ages and more liberal thereafter.

Potent Goji Juice:  Genesis Today's Goji 100

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