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How Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements May Help

As we explained on the main page, we have listed certain ailments and then the vitamins, minerals, herbs and foods that have been reported as useful in helping these particular ailments.  This page contains the links for those starting with the letters A or B.  These pages are for informational purposes only, and we  recommend you do further research and consult with your doctor before implementing any of these ideas.  Also, keep in mind, we have at times listed a lot of things to try, but many people experience good results by just using a few of the ideas*. 

Many Diseases Caused by Excess Toxins

Also as explained on the main page, in our opinion, many of today’s diseases are either caused or exacerbated by exposure to too many toxins.  Chemicals are everywhere in our environment today, and often our bodies are unable to keep up to get rid of them.  In addition to adding vitamins & other nutritional supplements that may contain detoxifying herbs, doing some of the following can be very helpful:

  1. Change to Non-Toxic & Fragrance-Free Cleaning & Body Care Products
  2. Try to Make Your Home as Toxin-Free as Possible - non-toxic flooring, mattresses, furniture, bedding.
  3. Get a Water Ionizer*
  4. Use an Infrared Sauna*
  5. Fasting*

*Please consult your licensed health care practitioner about the water ionizer, infrared sauna and fasting.  

If you already have a serious disease, excess toxins today often put so much of a burden on your body that you are unable to get well, no matter what else you do nutritionally, like adding vitamin rich foods to your diet or nutritional supplements*.

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FDA Disclaimer:  None of the statements on this website have been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  They are not intended to diagnose, treat,  cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.  Furthermore, none of  the statements on this website should be construed as making claims  about curing diseases or dispensing medical advice.  Please consult a  physician or another health care provider before trying any nutritional  supplement, making changes in your diet, or doing new exercises,  especially if you are pregnant or have any pre-existing medical  conditions or injuries.


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