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100% Pure Wild Harvested Mangosteen Juice
A Potent Whole Food Nutritional Supplement

Mangosteen 100 by Genesis Today is the only 100% Pure Wild Harvested Mangosteen Juice nutritional supplement on the market that contains the highest levels of Polyphenolic Compounds known as Xanthones.  Each 1 oz serving has 30,000 mg of Mangosteen.

Mangosteen 100 is 100% Wild Harvested Mangosteen Juice from Genesis Today’s Proprietary Blend of whole Mangosteen fruit, including the thick, tough and bitter inner and outer rind (pericarp), and the snow white fleshy interior (pulp and seeds), providing the highest levels of naturally occurring Polyphenolic compounds known as Xanthones.  Other Ingredients:  NONE!

Health Benefits of Xanthone-rich Nutritional Supplement: MANGOSTEEN 100:

  • Supports healthy COX enzyme, prostaglandin and histamine levels, thereby assisting healthy inflammatory processes*�
  • Supports healthy human immune system function*�
  • Supports youthful cellular regeneration and healthy aging*�
  • Supports cardiovascular health, by acting as a free radical scavenger*�
  • Extremely high ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) rating, which support cells and their components from damage by oxygen radicals (free radicals), according to studies of animal and human blood*�

Competitive Benefits of the Nutritional Supplement MANGOSTEEN 100:

  • Unfortunately, many manufacturers and marketers of Mangosteen nutritional supplements add water, fruit juices, sweeteners, juice concentrates, chemical preservatives and other unwanted and unnecessary ingredients. This is done to lower costs, improve flavor, and increase sweetness and to speed production runs. Genesis Today is proud to offer the world's first and only 100% pure, Mangosteen whole food nutritional supplement. This product is 100% pure, and made the traditional way, just like it was consumed over 1,000 years ago.
  • Genesis Today's MANGOSTEEN 100 is equal to three to nine bottles (depending upon the brand) of competitive products. They guarantee no brand on the market can match their "Naturally Occurring" Xanthone content ounce for ounce. (As of June 21, 2006).
  • MANGOSTEEN 100 is made with only 100% wild grown and wild harvested Garcinia Mangostana (Garcina mangostana L.)

*Indicates statements for which Genesis Today can provide clinical or scientific documentation.

�These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

You can find Mangosteen 100 in various health food stores or often at a discount at our Amazon StoreNOTE:  This store was simply put together for your convenience.  We are not selling any of these items ourselves, but wanted to make it easy for you to find the products we recommend at a good price all in 1 place.

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