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Lack of Vitamin C

While an acute vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy and is not common in America today, many health care professionals feel that most people are not consuming optimal amounts.  Early signs of possible vitamin C deficiency include:
  • easy bruising &  bleeding
  • receding & bleeding gums
  • fatigue and greater than normal susceptibility to colds & other infections
  • poor digestion
  • tooth loss
  • slow wound healing time
  • rough skin

Substances That Can Deplete Vitamin C Levels in Your Body

Smoking can cause a serious depletion of vitamin C, so if you haven’t stopped smoking yet, you might want to make sure you eat lots of foods high in C, and/or take a supplement.

Other substances that can cause reduced levels of vitamin C include alcohol and many medications, like oral contraceptives, steroids, antidepressants, analgesics (like aspirin and acetaminophen), anticoagulants and tetracycline.  Injury or trauma has also been shown to use up very large quantities of the C complex, including the injury to cells that occurs with surgery.

Food Sources of Vitamin C

Synthetic vs Natural Vitamin C - Does It Make A Difference?

Camu Camu Berries - One of the Best Sources of Natural Vitamin C

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