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Most Vitamins and Supplements
Are Synthetic - Does That Matter?

Many, if not most, of the vitamins and supplements yo

Myth:  Synthetic Vitamins Enhance Long-term Health

Truth:  Synthetic Vitamins are Inferior, and Can Cause Health Problems Over Time!

Synthetic Vitamins Can Age You Faster!

Small Amounts of Natural Vitamins Outperform Large Amounts of Synthetic

Cheap Synthetic Vitamins Are No Bargain

Medical Research on Synthetic Vitamins

u find in the stores today are isolated nutrients that come from synthetic sources.  This is generally because these supplements cost much less to manufacture than vitamins whose ingredients come from living food sources.  These synthetic nutritional supplements are most often either made or processed with hydrogenated sugars or with petroleum derivatives like coal tar (Ugh!).

Huge Mark-Ups on Synthetic Vitamins and Drugs

Sales for synthetic vitamins and drugs involve up to a 3500% profit margin while whole food nutritional supplements are generally marked up 20% to 50%.  Could the industry profits on sales of synthetic vitamins be blinding them to the truth of credible research that says that synthetic vitamins can be harmful?

It is A Myth That Synthetic Vitamins Enhance Long-Term Health

The nutritional industry has successfully created the myth that synthetic vitamins and inorganic minerals in precise milligram amounts can be properly utilized by the cells of the body to enhance long-term health and longevity.  However, synthetic means “man-made” and nothing synthetic is ever found in nature.  Yet, products are labeled “Natural” when they are full of synthetic ingredients.  Does that sound right to you?

Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Albert Szent-Georgie, who discovered vitamin C, found that he could never cure scurvy with synthetic ascorbic acid.  Yet, he reported always curing scurvy with vitamin C found in foods and concluded cell utilization requires a food matrix that includes nature’s co-factors.

Synthetic Nutritional Supplements Are Inferior and Can Cause Health Problems

The simple fact of the matter is that vitamins and nutritional supplements that are synthetic do not provide all the co-factors or other nutrients necessary for your body to fully utilize that supplement.  Synthetic vitamins can stimulate a cell’s metabolism, which is why you may experience feeling better at first.  However, synthetic vitamins cannot replace the cell’s elements with superior, higher quality elements.   So, these nutritional supplements may bring much needed nutrients to your body in the short term, but taking such a fractionated product long term will likely cause other problems in your body, such as imbalances, as well as degraded cells.

The following photos are Kirlian* energy photos of a natural, potent, Quantum Rx vitamin product on the left, and an ordinary, synthetic vitamin on the right.  Can you see how much more living energy is emanating from the natural, quantum-quality vitamin on the left?

Kirlian photo of Vitamins

*Kirlian photography is a photographic technique where the light from the energy field of an object is captured directly on film emulsion revealing the object's energy field. The more "alive" the object, the more energy it has, and the more "dead" it is, the less energy it has.

(Photographs courtesy of QN Labs)

Synthetic Vitamins & Nutritional Supplements Can Age You

Synthetic vitamins are made in a lab, often from toxic substances, and only “mimick” the real vitamins found in nature.  These artificial forms of vitamins might help in the short run, but they can age you faster in the long run, and give you even more symptoms.  A good example is that of the B complex.  Did you know that most B vitamins are made from petrochemicals?  Yes, that’s right, they are mostly coal tar derivatives!

Small Amounts of Natural Food-Based Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements Outperform Large Amounts of Synthetic Vitamins

Research shows that even a small amount of a naturally occurring vitamin can outperform the same synthetic one in much larger amounts.  For example, synthetic A (palmitate) is far less effective than the natural vitamin A from butter and cod liver oil and pro-vitamin A that is contained in young grasses.  In addition to natural pro-vitamin A, young grasses contain every nutrient known to sustain life; vitamin A palmitate does not.  Cod liver oil also contains vitamin D and essential fatty acids; vitamin A palmitate does not.  The list could go on and on.

Natural vitamin C, for example, contains bioflavinoids and many other co-factors that help your body absorb the ascorbic acid.  Many manufacturers will tell you that ascorbic acid IS vitamin C, but that is just not the case.  It is really just the outer protective ring for the entire C complex of nutrients.

Cheap Synthetic Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements are
No Bargain For Your Body

So even if you think you got a “bargain” on your nutritional supplements, your body probably did not.  Start taking 100% whole nutrient vitamins and nutritional supplements today!  Even vitamins that say “food-based” are usually synthetic  with small amounts of food mixed in, so the manufacturer can say “food-based.”  In fact, if you type “whole food vitamins” or “whole food supplements” into any search engine, and then closely study the websites that come up, you will see that most of them have some whole foods in the nutritional supplements, but lots of synthetic vitamins and toxic fillers as well!

Medical research that shows damaging health effects of synthetic vitamins.

Are Natural, Not Synthetic!

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