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Don't Get Sunburned While Making Vitamin D

Although we are recommending that you get some summer sun between the hours of 10 and 2 without sunscreen so your body can make the much needed vitamin D, we also want to caution you about getting sunburned.  You also don't need to be out in the sun for hours and hours to produce vitamin D.  Unlike you may have read in the media, we do believe, like other health advocates like Dr. Mercola, that sun in the proper amounts is actually healthy for you.

Yes, we know, dermatologists have been trying to scare you for years about sun exposure, saying NOT to ever go out, much less during the 10-2 midday hours, without sunscreen.  However, if you look up the research, you will see that it is really sunburn that is clearly related to skin cancer, NOT sun exposure.  If you don't get sunburned, but DO have regular sun exposure, your risk of melanoma and other cancers will actually go down, probably because of the increase in vitamin D your body will manufacture.

According to Dr. Mercola, skin cancer is actually related to the excess omega-6 oils we consume in this country, mostly in the form of vegetable oils.  If you reduce the omega-6 oils and increase the omega-3 oils by consuming cod liver oil and grass-fed or pastured animals, you will actually reduce your risk of all sorts of cancers.

Even after you have been in the sun long enough to make your vitamin D for the day, we don't recommend using most sunscreens.  They are actually full of toxic chemicals that your body absorbs like all lotions or skin creams, that may actually increase your cancer risk by adding to your toxic load.  If you can, use avoidance strategies like long sleeve shirts & pants and hats to keep from burning instead of sunscreens, and stay out of the sun for long exposures once you have made your vitamin D when the sun is at its strongest.

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